How to Protect Your Photos, Even if Your Computer Crashes


At one time we kept our photos in the album. But, with the advancement of technology, everything has been digitized now. We keep our photos, videos, important files now on a memory card, or on a hard drive of a PC. But, is it safe? Suppose, your phone has stolen, or you lost memory card, or the PC’s hard disk has damaged – then what would you do? You will fall in trouble. Because, all your photos, videos, important data were among these. So, you lost your assets as soon as they were destroyed.

A good and reliable backup media need to solve this problem. You may find many backup media online, in which you can save your photos at a specific price. Also, photos can be kept in Google Drive, Cloud, etc. But, are they safe too? They can also move your information to third parties. So how can this problem be solved?  A special way to get rid of this problem is, thephotostick. Today I will introduce you to this photo backup media.

What is the Photo Stick?

The Photo Stick is a kind of USB stick that can keep your photo with trust. It is a software-driven special USB device, which automatically detects photos or videos stored on your computer. It also provides backups of the photos and videos. It automatically scans any files, folders, drives, and can find all the photos, videos. It offers good spaces and backups at an affordable cost.

How does The Photo Stick work?

Like other USB devices, just plug it into your computer’s port. Then launch the software in it and click GO. Then it will start scanning each folder on your computer and find all the photos and videos. It will avoid duplicate photos and display only the main photos on the screen. And for that, you do not need any registration, login, password. Just click on ‘GO.’ It can detect all the data by itself and back up.

With the 8MB size drive, you can back up more than 3500 photos. A 64 MB size drive can able to back up more than 15000+ photos. And a 128 MB size drive is enough to keep more than 30000+ photos. However, according to the size of the photo, this amount may be more or less. For example, if you took photos with a high-resolution camera, then the photos size would be bigger. So they need more space to keep them. So, think before you buy, what size drive will be enough for you.

Why should use ThePhotoStick?

  • Since it works only with one click, it does not need to mark the photos in different folders. So, in the normal way, it will save you time.
  • If you use a rough type of photo organizing software, then you have to spend at least $ But, at only $29.99 you get an 8Mb ThePhotoStick drive. You can pick this device to get better service at a lower price.
  • Due to the various types of viruses, malware, etc., your hard drive’s photos may be damaged. In this case, ThePhotoStick will give you maximum security for your photos.
  • ThePhotoStick is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 1, Windows 10, Mac OS X Version 10.7 and later version.

The Photo Stick