The Truth About Portable Air Conditioners

There is no alternative to air coolers or air conditioning systems to give a little comfort in city life. Every morning starts the busy life. A little cool and clean environment that needs to be comfortable in our busy lives. However, the cold enviro

Some Useful Health Tech Devices

  The use of technology is now everywhere. In every case, technology has now taken place, as well as the quality of life of people,  has increased. Like other departments, technology is now touching the health care system. Different type

How to Protect Your Photos, Even if Your Computer Crashes

At one time we kept our photos in the album. But, with the advancement of technology, everything has been digitized now. We keep our photos, videos, important files now on a memory card, or on a hard drive of a PC. But, is it safe? Suppose, your phon

FIXD – Help Prevent Costly Car Repairs?

The present era is the age of technology. Many things have become easier now. The use of technology has made our working life easier. And in many cases, it happened.  In the past, if there was any problem with our car, there was no other way tha

Top Technology Trends of 2018

The world is moving forward, along with the advancement of technology. Everyday research is going on, how technology can be improved further. With the development of technology, its trends are also intermittent. At one time the trends that were m

Top 5 Tech Gadgets of 2018

We all know that the most interesting of technology is that it is always changeable. Every sector of technology is regularly more advanced and changing and will continue to be in the future. The technology you are viewing, or using today will not

Do the New Military Flashlights Live Up to Their Hype?

Recently we’ve been seeing a lot of advertisements for tactical flashlights online. There have been some amazing claims made about them. Supposedly, some of them can emit light for thousands of yards, blind attackers long enough to give you tim

Top Online Streaming Services That You Have Never Heard Of!

There is no dearth of online streaming services, just like video sharing websites. However, as is the case of YouTube and some sites like Vimeo that have become more popular than others, some streaming services become more popular and it is not e